One Way to Manage Secrets in Dockerized Applications

Dockerized Application Secrets

Putting configuration in the environment is a fairly well acknowledged best practice now. That configuration often includes secrets. But environment variables in container images -- like the docker ENV stanza -- are not really secure. They are built as part of the image, after all, so anyone with access to the image can get at… Continue reading One Way to Manage Secrets in Dockerized Applications

Logging to Papertrail from Symfony Applications

PMG uses Papertrail to aggregate logs and we've found it to be really solid over the last four years. Example Monolog Configuration Here's a quick example of configuration for Monolog Bundle to get logs to papertrail. This uses Monolog's remote syslog handler to do its work. Couple key points around the services here: PsrLogMessageProcessor is… Continue reading Logging to Papertrail from Symfony Applications