2019-08-02 What I Learned This Week

Single Parenting is Hard

My spouse was out of town last weekend, and I had our two kids alone for three nights and three days. It was rough. I can’t imagine doing it all the time.

Keep Authentication Tokens in Memory

This is cheating a bit as I learned it over several weeks while building an app, but I wrote about handling authentication tokens in single page apps earlier this week. TL;DR: don’t handle them at all if ou can avoid it (use sessions instead) otherwise keep them in memory only.

Logout Handlers vs Logout Success Handlers in Symfony

Symfony uses a set of *logout handlers* to do things like invalidate sessions and remove cookies. These are a core part of the log out process in the Symfony security system.

A lot out success handler, on the other hand, is fired after all the logout handlers have done their work. It’s meant to be the thing that happens after the logout has actually been completed.