2019-07-05 What I Learned

2019-07-05 What I Learned

Multiple Content Security Policy Headers are Multiple Policies

They don’t make a union of all the policies together. See this post on CSP for more.

Google Tag Managers Recommendations for Content Security Policy

They are not good. Using all of GTM means whitelisting data: URLs, 'unsafe-line', and 'unsafe-eval' for script-src. Might as well not have a CSP in that case.

I Work in Waves

When I have a 2-4 weeks of very productive time — lots of code, docs, finished a big deadline, etc — I tend to have a few weeks where I’m less productive. I procrastinate more or focus on things that are less important when I’m on a down week. This is probably some form of burnout or some form of burnout prevention.

Parents are the “Relationship Managers” with Their Kids

I’ve been reading How to Raise a Boy. The book’s thesis is essentially that boys do better when they have a strong relationship with someone invested in them. But parents tend to back off as boys try to push them away thinking that young boys need to learn to be independent. It’s the opposite: all children learn to be independent and be themselves by having people who will love them no matter what.

Parents are responsible for maintaining that relationship. Kid pushes you away? Good. Go back for more. This is within reason, of course. You do (probably) need to give kids space but still be supportive, but don’t check out in the name of independence. Power imbalances and age differences between a parent and child means the child doesn’t have the tools available to really maintain the relationship. The same is true of teacher to child relationships.

Full Body Weight Training Sessions are Not Good (for me)

I feel like I don’t get enough volume for any body part or movement to do much good. And they tend to take longer. I’ll take an upper/lower split any day.