2019-07-19 What I Learned This Week

I skipped this last week because I was on staycation, so cheating a bit here and doing two weeks.

Attention to Detail and Perseverence

Two weeks ago I did a major home improvement project: replace a bunch of cedar shingles and had to repair some rotting board underneath. I do not consider myself handy, but I am… picky? about things. I tend to pay a lot of attention to getting things right versus done. This quality, along with some willingness to persevere and keep going until something is done seems to solve a lot of problems.

Cedar Shingles After

Cedar Shingles Before

Meeting Things (or People) Where They Are

Been thinking a lot about this. We tend to have expectations about things or about people and then become disappointed or frustrated when those expectations aren’t true. A better approach is to meet things/people where they are. What is the reality? How can we move on from the actual reality?

Not saying this is easy. It is absolutely not easy.